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Prepare Widows for Their ‘New Normal’ and New Relationships

The final stage of widowhood, known as transformation, is when a widow’s new life as an independent woman evolves. Having emerged from profound grief and grown into her new lifestyle, the widow in transformation can focus on more advanced planning.

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Walk a Widow Through Major Financial Decisions

The third stage in a widow’s financial journey is called the passage or growth stage. In this phase, the widow adjusts to new conditions, designs her new life and explores possibilities. The widow is beginning to find joy in her life again. She is adjusting to her new situation.

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Be a Grieving Widow’s Gatekeeper and Navigator

Having the opportunity to prepare, the first stage of widowhood can in some ways be a gift since you can assist your client in preparing both mentally and financially. Having the luxury of preparation reduces anxiety, although this doesn’t mean the grief is any easier.

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His Prognosis was Fatal but His Widow Became a Client for Life

In my previous article, I discussed the need to understand what a widow is experiencing, how she feels, and how you can build rapport during the grieving stage of widowhood. You will often meet a widow after she has experienced loss, but there may be a time when you will begin working with her and her spouse prior to death. Assisting a couple through this life transition can be challenging but also rewarding. According to a widely cited statistic, 70% of widows fire their advisor after their spouse dies. You can prevent this by helping the couple prepare before the husband dies.

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Financially Empowering Widows

RETHINKING65 (November 2021) Widows often feel overwhelmed, frightened, angry and disconnected — like many of us have during the pandemic.

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