The Bond Market, Current Status, Interest Rates and The Federal Reserve (Video Included)

The volatility in equity markets is starting to put all investors on edge. The volatility is due to the uncertainty currently facing the U.S. and global economy. The YTD daily changes in the market have included many moves both positive and negative throughout these past 6 months. Where the market will settle is dependent upon whether we can sustain economic growth while reducing inflation. Unfortunately these two goals are entangled. All eyes are on the Federal Reserve and its chairman Jerome Powell who we all hope will be able to lower inflation without tipping us into a recession – not an easy trick. Here to help us discuss the actions of the Federal Reserve, interest rates and how it is impacting the bond market is Jason Stuck, Sr. Managing Director and head of Portfolio Management at Northern Capital. Northern Capital is a specialized institutional investment management firm who support independent investment advisors such as Atlas Fiduciary with tools and resources to manage fixed income. Northern Capital provides a blend of quantitative analysis with qualitative insights which we think you may find helpful.

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