Watching colleagues liquidate investments toward the bottom of market downturns and getting back in after the market rise have always highlighted for KK the link between successful money management and our emotions. A keen interest in the behavioral psychology aspects of managing money, analytical approach to risk adjusted investing and an eagerness to help individuals and families led him to pursue a second career as a Financial Advisor.

Driven by a passion for mathematics and physical sciences, KK earned a Ph. D in Engineering. During the early years of his automotive career, his technical interests evolved into a desire to lead manufacturing operations. KK started his leadership journey with an employer sponsored Executive MBA while continuing to work in a management role. His career trajectory took him from leading a small manufacturing team in Lockport, NY at Delphi’s Thermal Division, to being the managing Director of Asia Pacific. This career path also involved working as an expatriate in France, Germany and China – a thoroughly fulfilling experience that led to a deep understanding of multiple cultures. KK’s automotive career culminated in his last role as the Global CEO for Estra Automotive Systems, with Operations in Luxembourg, Poland and China. 

Upon retiring from his automotive career, KK chose financial planning as his next career path. Atlas Fiduciary Financials’ client-centric and science-based advice is a perfect fit for him. KK looks forward to being a dedicated advocate for clients in his role as a Fee-only advisor. His mission is to guide clients toward financial decisions that are optimized to reduce downside risk and psychological bias. 

KK and his family moved into the Sarasota area to be close to family and enjoy the sunny beaches with their beautiful sunsets. They enjoy traveling, spending time with extended family and being active at the gym and running.  

Education & Certifications

  • The Ohio State University, Ph. D., Materials Science and Engineering
  • WHU Germany and Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University, Executive MBA
  • Florida Atlantic University, M. S in Ocean Engineering
  • Indian Institute of Technology, B. Tech, Naval Architecture
  • CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) candidate (Passed Board exam in first attempt)

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