Greg Giardino, Cited By MarketWatch About IRA Beneficiaries In Recent Article

Lead Fee-only Financial Planner Greg Giardino of Atlas Fiduciary Financial was recently cited in an article on MarketWatch by reporter Alessandra Malito.

Current and future tax rates should also play a part in the decision. Beneficiaries should keep in mind that tax rates could change in the next few years. The current brackets, set under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, are set to expire after 2025, at which point rates may go up

With tax rates expected to rise in 2026 and for those beneficiaries who may retire in 2024, it could be a savvy move to get a discount now by actually taking an RMD on their inherited account

Greg Giardino

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IRA beneficiaries don't have to take an RMD this year. But here's why maybe they should.