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As we develop a plan for you and your loved ones to address your needs, we’ll adhere to a detailed analysis that results in a set of clear recommendations. This will help you as you prepare for the future and dramatically improve the odds of successfully meeting your objectives.

Because financial planning is an ongoing process, we’ll meet with you regularly to adapt your plan to include your changing circumstances, whether it be in your life or events taking place externally. Changes in your career, family circumstance or tax laws should be reflected in revisions to your roadmap.

Our Financial Planning Process

By following the CFP Board step-by-step process, we develop a personalized financial plan to help you on the road to achieving your best life.

Understand Your Personal and Financial Circumstances

This plan is about you and your life. You are the boss. From the start, we partner with you to mutually define the scope of how we will work with you so that we can best meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Monitor Progress and Update

As Certified Financial Planners it is important we identify who, what, when and how the plan will be monitored so the plan remains a relevant roadmap as your life changes.

Identify and Select Goals

As your Trusted Advisor we explore your personal and financial values and attitudes to help develop goals and objectives.


The Atlas
S.M.A.R.T.E.RTMFinancial Planning Process


Implement Financial Plan Recommendations

As Fiduciaries we help you implement the plan using products, processes and strategies most appropriate for you and selected based upon merit -- unbiased and objective.

Analyze & Evaluate Your Financial Status

As Scientists we use mathematical modeling and science based processes to improve the probability of your success.


Present Financial Planning Recommendations

As Teachers we know how to communicate concepts so you fully understand your options and what we are recommending, so you gain confidence in your financial future.

Develop Financial Planning Recommendations

As Educated & Competent Financial Professionals we know the pros and cons of the plethora of financial products, processes and strategies.


Smarter Financial Solutions for Your Best Life

Atlas Fiduciary

In order to provide smarter solutions, EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE MATTER.  At Atlas Fiduciary Financial every team member has at least a finance (or related field) degree from a university and a CFP®  The senior advisors hold advanced university degrees (Ph.D., MBA) and other gold-standard credentials (CFA, CPA). In addition we have decades of experience.  As a team, we pride ourselves in our synergistic and complimentary strengths to guide you in financial solutions to achieve your best life, however you define it.


Client-Focused Services We Offer Include:

We listen intently to your story. We want to know what brings meaning and joy to your life. Every client has a different story, a different definition of prosperity, and a unique vision for their life. Our goal is to help you live your best life possible using money as a tool. 

Our recommended financial solutions Involve the Comprehensive and Integrative evaluation of the following aspects of your financial life:

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Tax Planning

We review the impact of every recommendation in the context of your income tax and capital gains. We also review your tax returns to identify opportunities to reduce your tax liability where we often find mistakes and omissions. Our focus is on reducing how much you pay in taxes over the long-run. We work with your accountant to ensure coordinated recommendations.

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Retirement Planning

We develop the blueprint for the two stages of retirement which involves the preparation time and the actual transition and new normal phases. This involves the best ways to save, when to retire, the most effective ways to take an income stream out of your portfolio and important decisions around pensions, company stock, social security and medicare.

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Investment Strategy

In context with your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance, we develop a customized investment strategy that targets an expected return, at a minimum level or average risk and an understanding of the maximum potential loss. We help you understand the numerous risks of each component of your portfolio and how to best protect against it.

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Risk Protection Planning

We identify the catastrophic risks in your life to help you determine how to protect you and your family. Often insurance may be the answer. We determine the correct type and amount of insurance you require. We work with insurance agents, attorneys and accountants to ensure the most cost-effective product is purchased.

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Cash-Flow/Goal Planning

We design a financial plan that is derived from “your best life” where we help you identify and prioritize your needs and goals – from when you want to retire, buying a vacation home, funding your grandchildren’s college.

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We work with you to coordinate the most efficient and effective charitable giving strategies and help you implement the strategy with your chosen charities.

Life Happens, We’re Available to Guide You When It Does

Life is complicated and there are always decisions to make. Should I buy that second home? Should I buy or lease a car? How should I fund college? These questions may arise and we want you to know that we are always here to help you sort through the trade-offs and what effect your decisions have on the entirety of your life plan.

Many of our clients choose to transition to our portfolio management service after completion of their plan. By doing so, you can feel confident that your financial goals are properly integrated with the management of your financial assets.

Ready to Get Started?

We can meet in person if you live near our offices in Sarasota, Florida or Oakland, NJ, or we can meet virtually no matter where you live. Contact Us to set up an appointment.

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