Cites Laura In Article Discussing Gold As A Refuge During Times Of Disruption

In a recent article on about the rising value of Gold (GLD) that has occurred as geo-political tensions and conflicts have risen, Dr. Laura Mattia was cited for her expertise in financial planning, and investment strategies.

Laura shared this insight with Jeff Benjamin of

Laura Mattia, chief executive officer at Atlas Fiduciary Financial, is not anti-gold, but she’s not a fan of concentrating her exposure to it, either. 

“Gold can have a place in a diversified investment portfolio, but it’s worth considering a broader range of commodities that might offer advantages,” she said. Mattia ticked off other commodities to include: metals like silver, copper, aluminum and zinc; agricultural products including sugar, soybeans, corn and wheat; and and energy sources like gasoline, Brent crude oil and natural gas. 

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