Whether it’s giving back to those in need, or helping to educate and empower others, we strive to stay involved with our local communities and improve the standards of the financial planning industry.

USF Business College

Atlas Fiduciary’s principal, Dr. Mattia, is committed to the profession and the community. In 2016 after moving to Sarasota she was hired by the USF Business College Dean to work with the state of Florida to create a new registered Certified Financial Planners™ degree, ultimately ensuring that the people of Florida are better served by a new breed of educated financial planners.

Women’s Money Empowerment

Dr. Mattia, Ph.D., MBA, CFP®, is the founder of the Women’s Resource Center Women’s Money Empowerment Program offering pro bono financial advice to people looking for responsible guidance. The program helps women build financial security by building wealth, planning for the future, and navigating transitions such as divorce, death, a significant move, graduation, retirement, or inheritance. Dr. Laura has been a university finance professor for over 20 years.

Community Foundation of Sarasota County (CFSC)

Dr. Mattia is also a board member and co-chair of the investment committee at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County (CFSC).

Learn more about the Community Foundation Of Sarasota County

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