Business Insider Cites Laura On Determining Savings Amounts With High-Yield APYs Over 5%

Business Insider tapped Laura for insight into allocating savings amounts when rates are high for High-Yield savings APYs. The article featured shared comments from Financial and Investment planning experts from around the country.

Laura Shared This Insight With Business Insider On Savings Allocation:

While a quarter to a half a year of expenses is a good rule of thumb, Laura Mattia, a senior financial advisor at Atlas Fiduciary Financial, says to remember the amount you actually want to have set aside for emergencies can vary a lot depending on your specific financial situation. Factors like job stability, availability of other financial resources, and support systems like generous family members may all play a part in how much you need saved, she adds.

But once your emergency fund is in place already, you may benefit from funneling your upcoming earnings toward investment accounts instead.

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