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Investment Decisions When Returns are Uncertain

Every investment decision has consequences; only the future will determine if it is a good decision. Due to the uncertainty of the markets and while many try to forecast the future, they have yet to achieve success consistently or reliably. 

Would I accumulate more money if I contribute to a traditional IRA rather than a Roth IRA?

BLOOMBERG (March 17, 2022) — I have been contributing to a Roth 401(k) and Roth IRA under the assumption that I’m going to keep increasing my income and my taxes as I get older, so paying taxes now will mean paying less taxes in the future. But I’m wondering if I’ll accumulate more money if …

Would I accumulate more money if I contribute to a traditional IRA rather than a Roth IRA? Read More »


Tax Arbitrage Strategy – Roth Conversion

The decision to initiate a Roth IRA conversion depends on your family’s financial situation. It should consider enhancing your long-term portfolio value, reducing your lifetime tax obligations, reducing your lifetime Medicare premiums, aligning with your estate planning goals, creating more flexibility in the future.

Can I get Social Security from my wife and myself at the same time?

NJ.Com (August 31, 2021) — My wife is four years older than me and she started collecting her full retirement benefit from Social Security at 66. I am still working. I plan on waiting until 70 to start my benefits. How do I, or can I, collect both benefits?

The Tech Stock Rout Is Raising Risks for American Retirement Plans

BLOOMBERG (FEBRUARY 26, 2021) – Some of the largest funds in workplace retirement savings plans such as 401(k)s, which investors likely assumed were well-diversified, are not. A handful of mega-cap tech stocks make up around 30% of some of the most popular funds in retirement plans.

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