Financial Advisors Steering Clients Away from SPACs

INVESTMENT NEWS (MARCH 24, 2021) – Special purpose acquisition companies are leveraging celebrity endorsements to drive investor demand, while financial advisers struggle to protect clients from risk.

The Tech Stock Rout Is Raising Risks for American Retirement Plans

BLOOMBERG (FEBRUARY 26, 2021) – Some of the largest funds in workplace retirement savings plans such as 401(k)s, which investors likely assumed were well-diversified, are not. A handful of mega-cap tech stocks make up around 30% of some of the most popular funds in retirement plans.

Dr. Laura Mattia on dHarmic Evolution Podcast

DHARMIC EVOLUTION PODCAST (JUNE 3, 2020) – Having experienced a lot of gender-based difficulties and obstacles while working as an executive. Laura helps women who are currently in similar situations to successfully overcome such hurdles and have more fulfilling careers.

Women Still Fighting Bias In Financial Services Industry

FA MAG (SEPTEMBER 19, 2018) – Women have managed to come close to closing the gender pay gap and they’ve proved that a career in finance is almost out there for the taking. But research suggests that they are still at a disadvantage and have to face down bias against them and their abilities.

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