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Self-Empowerment Among Widows (Peer Reviewed Research)

JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL PLANNING (OCTOBER, 2020) The death of a spouse, particularly if the deceased spouse was the financially empowered partner in a marriage, can be economically devastating for the survivor. This research informs financial planners of how best to help their widowed clients.

Increase the value of investment management with enhanced-MPT tools

NAPFA ADVISOR MAGAZINE (APRIL, 2020) NAPFA clients tend to do their homework before selecting a financial advisor. Many are committed to comprehensive planning, but uncertain about the value of investment management. They have learned that it is impossible to beat the market.

The final key to gender equality is mastery of money

MARKETWATCH (July, 2018) Women have made strides working in occupations dominated by men, yet social norms continue to restrict women’s progress, particularly in finance. Female fund managers, financial planners, financial analysts, and financial managers are a small fraction of financial professionals.

Looking for Professional Status in All the Wrong Places

Journal of Financial Planning (June, 2017) A convergence of circumstances and demographics has created an opportunity in the financial planning profession that we cannot ignore. Shifting societal needs are forecasting an unprecedented demand for professional financial planners over the coming years.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Returns

Managing your assets is a complex undertaking involving difficulties that many people vastly underestimate. Doing this effectively requires true confidence, which can only stem from overall financial awareness, perspective and extensive knowledge.

Should Women Go it Alone or Keep it Together?

Many married women who didn’t play a strong role in family financial matters ultimately end up facing this responsibility, brought by divorce or widowhood. Even happily married women who leave finances up to their husbands eventually will face a difficult adjustment.

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