Fee-Only Financial Advisors & Investment Managers

Fee-Only Financial Advisors & Investment Managers

You are our only boss

We operate on a transparent, client-centric model where our only compensation comes from you. No conflicts of interest. No commissions. No hidden agendas.

How do you know we are the real deal? Through a written oath that we sign, pledging to always act in your best interests. This oath serves as a legally binding commitment to being your trustworthy financial partner.

You are fully informed & empowered

Each member of our team holds a university financial degree and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). Our senior team members have achieved the highest levels of academic accomplishment with terminal university finance degrees (Ph.D. and MBA) and possess gold-standard credentials like the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

It is only about you & for you

Your financial journey is unique, shaped by your individual goals, aspirations, and values. That’s why we offer true comprehensive planning, designed exclusively for you. Your financial success is our sole focus, and we are committed to delivering strategies that are not only comprehensive but also deeply personalized.

You Have peace of Mind

Our investment approach is rooted in an academically supported and market-tested framework. It aims to construct efficient portfolios minimizing risk while maximizing returns for any desired level of return.

We will regularly meet to assess your portfolio’s performance, evaluating what is working effectively and what requires adjustments.

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Why Choose Atlas Fiduciary Financial?

Our unique science-driven approach to planning and investment management is backed with the integrity of a Fee-Only Fiduciary and delivered by an always-available team, with the industry’s highest levels of education and experience. We are passionate about creating personalized portfolios aligned with your goals and risk tolerance.

Signed fiduciary commitment

The signed fiduciary oath we provide each client. Our commitment to your success is in writing.

Advanced and relevant education

Our advanced and relevant education (every member of our team is either a BS, MS or PhD in Personal Financial Planning and Investments)

Gold-standard certifications

Our advanced gold-standard certifications (CFP®, CFA®)


Our years of experience (Senior advisors have over 30 years working in senior levels of finance for CEOs, business owners and individuals)

Personal client relationships

Our relationships are personal. We are a boutique firm where clients are encouraged to stop by our office any time, have our cell phone numbers, and know we care about them personally.

Available for you face-to-face

Our clients are our neighbors and our friends, and our partnership is valued and long-lasting.

Fee-Only Fiduciary Advisors

A lot of firms throw around the term Fiduciary, and unlike Atlas Fiduciary Financial some of these firms do not even qualify to use that distinction. But we get asked all the time what does fee-only fiduciary even mean? To put things simply…

The client is our only boss

Our advice is purely independent, objective and merit-based.

Our Commitment To Clients

We take our responsibilities to our clients very seriously. In fact we are required by law and oath to put you first. We believe this fiduciary responsibility ensures the best results and we are humbled by the opportunity to contribute to your long-term success.

Our commitment does not stop there – we actively stay engaged with our local communities, staying at the forefront of professional expertise, and work to support women’s financial empowerment.

At Atlas, we understand the profound importance of trust in your financial service provider. As a dedicated financial fiduciary, our commitment to our clients goes far beyond transactions; it is a promise of unwavering dedication, integrity, and expertise. We recognize the significance of the trust you place in us, and we are deeply committed to safeguarding your financial interests with the highest level of fiduciary responsibility.

• Transparency: You can expect complete openness from all of our team. We believe in providing clear, honest, and comprehensive information, ensuring that you are well-informed to make decisions that align with your financial goals.

• Tailored Financial Solutions: We know that every client is unique and we take a personalized approach to financial planning and management. Our team takes the time to understand your individual needs, risk tolerance, and long-term objectives. This tailored approach allows us to craft customized financial solutions designed to optimize your wealth and achieve your specific goals.

At Atlas, we understand that financial needs and concerns don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. That’s why our commitment to you goes beyond business hours — we pledge to be available whenever you need us. Whether you have urgent financial questions, require immediate assistance, or simply seek reassurance, our dedicated team is just a call or message away.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, ensuring that you can rely on us at any time. Our commitment to being available underscores our dedication to your peace of mind. We recognize that financial matters often arise unexpectedly, and we are here to provide timely and expert support.

Your convenience and confidence in our services matter to us, and we are committed to being there for you whenever you need guidance, support, or a friendly voice. Your financial journey is important, and we are honored to be your trusted partner, available around the clock.

At Atlas, our commitment to expertise is the cornerstone of our service. We understand the intricate and ever-changing landscape of the financial world, and we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of expertise available. Our team consists of highly educated and trained professionals who are not just knowledgeable but deeply passionate about the financial world. We invest in continued education for all team members and we stay abreast of the latest market trends, regulations, and innovative solutions.

Our commitment to expertise means that when you entrust us with your financial matters, you’re accessing a wealth of knowledge. Whether you’re planning for your retirement, investing in the market, going through a life change, or navigating complex financial decisions, we provide you with insights that are backed by decades of experience and rigorous analysis. We take pride in our ability to translate complex financial jargon into clear, actionable advice, tailored specifically to you.

Our commitment to expertise goes beyond continuous education and proven experience to our dedication to your financial education. We believe that an informed client is an empowered client. We take the time to explain the intricacies of various financial strategies, ensuring you not only understand the recommendations we provide but also feel confident about the decisions you make

At Atlas, our commitment extends beyond the realm of financial services; it encompasses a deep dedication to the communities we serve. We believe that businesses have a fundamental responsibility to contribute positively to the community that nurtures them. With this conviction, we actively engage in initiatives aimed at community development, education, and empowerment, especially women financial empowerment.

We invest in local programs that foster financial literacy, supporting individuals and families in making informed decisions about their economic futures. Our commitment to our community is not just a statement; it is a core value that shapes our actions, drives our decisions, and reflects our genuine dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us.

Together, we believe in creating an educated, prosperous, and empowered community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Our Clients

Our first step is to get to know you and assess not only your financial goals but your overall life goals. Then using a combination of expertise and science driven methods, we create a personalized financial plan. This is not a one-time process. We monitor and adjust through each stage of your life.

We are with you when life changes

We guide you through life transitions when the implications of your decisions matter most.

Planning During Life's Transitions

Transitions require smart financial decisions which are interrelated, complex and that don’t create irrevocable consequences. During these times a smart partner who is looking out for your best interest can help you understand the best path forward.

  • Retirement
  • Relocation
  • Widowhood
  • Divorce
  • Second Marriage
  • Sudden Wealth

Personalized Wealth Management Solutions

Wealth Management Tailored To Your Unique Needs

Our investment approach is personal. First, we conduct a comprehensive financial assessment, focusing on understanding you needs, goals, circumstances, and risk tolerance. Then, we use our proprietary scientific SMARTERTM planning to create a personalized investment portfolio.

Our Team

All advisors at Atlas Fiduciary Financial are distinguished as Certified Financial Planner (CFR®) Fee-Only Professionals, and participate in various programs of continuous education.

A Team Of Highly Educated Financial Advisors With Top-Industry Credentials

Three of Atlas’ team members also have MBAs, and two have Ph.D.s. Additional certifications include: CFA and CPWA®—both advanced certifications in investing— and the CLU and CHFC certifications in insurance.

Let’s Get Introduced

(941) 879-9290

For those interested in speaking face-to-face, our offices allow for meetings in Southern Florida and Northern New Jersey. With the use of technology, we’re also able to serve clients locally and throughout the United States.

If you need some guidance or if you’re looking to take the next step in working with an experienced, dedicated advisor, simply fill out our contact form here, or schedule a meeting to get started.